Air Leaks: Slowly Draining Your Cash

edan November 21, 2012 4:24 am


We all know how frustrating it is when the kids don’t close doors behind them, leave windows open, or even worse crank thermostat all the way down. It is more than just a headache because we feel the effects of not maintaining closed doors and windows, directly in our wallets at the end of the month when we have to pay our electric bills.

What if you were making sure all doors and windows were closed as best as possible, and yet you were still leaking air left and right?  That scenario is not as farfetched as it sounds, because there are many ways and places where your home could be leaking air without you even realizing it.

Other than the obvious doors and windows, air can be leaking from recessed light fixtures set in the ceiling that haven’t been properly sealed. Attic hatches, Plumbing vent stacks that lead out or above homes are usually sealed from the perspective of a plumber whose concern is to keep water out-and not air in, and another major culprit is duct registers that have been improperly sealed. All of these places and even more spots in your home may be leaking air, especially if your home is an older model.

Most of these leaks are relatively easy fixes, but may require a knowledgeable HVAC tech who has an eye for dangerous spots or home fixtures that could be causing leaks . Most air conditioning and heating specialists are very adept at fixing these leaks, and while it should be done by a pro the fix is usually something relatively simple and nowhere near as expensive as you might think. Not fixing common air leaks, significantly drives up the cost of heating or cooling your home and ultimately could be stressing your HVAC units far more than necessary. Check with you local qualified HVAC company and see if they are able to help you today.

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