Just moved to a new house, Should I clean my air ducts?

edan November 17, 2010 11:13 am


Many homeowners realize the importance of cleaning the air duct s regularly. The ducts are used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to deliver air. Dirt, dust and other debris get accumulated in it over the period of time. Many people believe that they need not arrange for air duct cleaning, when they moved to a new house in the recent past. However, construction is a messy process and drywall dusts, debris and paint dust may get accumulated into the air ducts. This in turn blocks air circulation, traps more dust and bacteria. It also promotes mold growth, which causes several health problems.

Most of us tend to spend one third of our life in our home. Hence, it is important to keep the breathing air clean and safe. The age of your home does not matter, when it comes to air duct cleaning. Even if you have moved to a new house, you need to perform some maintenance work to keep the home environment healthy. In fact, it is the best time to arrange for air duct cleaning.

Dust may be generated in large amounts during the construction process. Drywall dust, sawdust and paint dust are more likely to settle in your air duct. They may cause some allergic reactions like eye, nose and throat irritation. Hence, you should take steps to clean the air duct, as soon as you moved into your new home.

When to seek the help of a professional?

If you or any of your family members experience some unusual allergic symptoms or respiratory problems or you notice some contaminants flowing into the air, when the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is turned on, you need to seek the help of a professional to clean the air ducts effectively. Though some types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system maintenance works can be done by yourself, air duct cleaning is not a simple task that can be done by normal homeowners. It requires professional approach. It is therefore advisable to entrust the work to professionals, who can offer reliable service.

The professional uses some special tools and a negative air flow system to remove dust, dirt and debris from your duct. The tools help to dislodge accumulated dust, while the vacuum helps to prevent it from being released into your new home. The professional uses state of the art technology to eliminate harmful pollutants from the duct in a way that does not cause any harm to your kids, pets and other family members. He also applies some mold inhibiting agents, if necessary. They help to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the duct in the future.

Duct cleaning is an important process that helps to increase the quality of indoor air. This is especially important, if you moved to a new house. It also helps to get rid of musty and stale odors from the duct. It enhances the overall air quality and thus ensures a healthy environment to you and your family.

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