New Rheem split systems 2011

coolairusa January 25, 2011 4:25 am


A split system uses an outdoor system like air conditioner or heat pump and indoor system like air handler, oil furnace or gas furnace to offer a comfortable environment to you. New Rheem split systems 2011 is designed with latest technology. They are highly efficient and so they will save you a lot of money in your energy bill. Rheem is a renowned name in the field of heating and cooling systems. The manufacturing process of split system, right from design to product assembly is strictly monitored to ensure the highest quality, robustness and operational excellence.

New Rheem split systems 2011 feature the condenser and air handler offer impeccable operation. The system includes air conditioner and heat pump. It uses highly efficient refrigerant that will offer excellent quality and performance. It features heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet that has rust resistant screws. It will offer problem free performance for years. This central heating and air conditioning system will keep you comfortable in hot summer months and bitter cold winter months. It comes with a supporting electric heating unit, also known as a heat strip. It will enhance the quality of heating and comfort. This system is ideal for homes in Southern states with warmer climates. The standard 2.5 ton size model features 5 Kilo watt heat strip that is enough for regions with warm climates. However, if you want to increase it to 10 Kilo watt, you can do so easily by paying an extra amount of $35.

Buying new Rheem split systems 2011 helps you get a federal tax credit up to $1,500. It comes with 10 year warranty, so you can enjoy great comfort for several years. It has received green star rating for energy efficiency.  The heat pump in this system comprises of several useful features like liquid refrigerant return protection,  steel coil guard for endurance, 500 hour salt spray approval ensuring great efficiency and single panel access to controls along with space offered for field installed accessories. It also boasts of dependable temperature terminated, time initiated defrost control. If installed properly, it will meet the requirements of Florida Building code for Hurricane strength winds.

The air conditioning unit in New Rheem split systems 2011 features one multi position air handler. All the functional parts and refrigerant coil come with 10 year limited warranty. The air handler is backed by green star for energy efficiency. It is also certified by Energy star. It is perfect for up flow, down flow and horizontal installations. You can place it any position you like. It is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. It is compatible with air conditioning units and heat pumps.

New Rheem Split systems 2011 are the best for every home that needs a comfortable environment.  You can contact a Rheem contractor in your locality to determine whether the system meets your needs fully. The compact size of the system makes it ideal for those who need to change their home often. It is easy to install and use.

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