Refrigerant Compare R22 Vs. R410a

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When it comes to debating about the issue Refrigerantcompare r22 vs r410a one must know that they are split air conditioning systems. When the outdoor temperature increases the performance of both the machine goes down significantly. The performance of the R410A was lower than that of R22. But in general the RA410A stayed relatively stable in all the tests. There were noticeable noise differences from both the machines. Their capabilities of functioning under high temperatures went lower and lower as the temperature increased. The R410A unlike other refrigerants does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, although the same thing cannot be said about R22. That is why when it comes to Refrigerant compare r22 vs r410a people prefer the later rather than the former.

Another recently discovered fact about R410A is that it influences global warming which means that it poses a threat to the environment. Even R22 is considered as a possible threat because of its content of the CFC’s. What you need to make sure is that your electronic gadgets especially your air conditioner or your refrigerator does not use the R22 machine because if it does then it poses a risk to the environment you breathe in.

New Air Conditioners Take R410a

There are many experiments that were conducted between the two machines and it was found that they are not very different. It is just that one is slightly better than the other. If you have an R410A system at home then it might prove anything but trouble for you because it requires not only special tools to repair or maintain but it also requires different standards of safety. The techniques used for this machine are also different. Different types of equipment are manufactured for this system and this system also has an AC&R protection so that it helps to educate the professionals about this system. On the other hand the R22 does not require special handling. These results were found in Refrigerant compare r22 vs r410a by many experts and researchers for the purpose of finding out which system is more efficient.

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