The New Redesigned 2015 Rheem Cooling Platform

edan December 19, 2014 3:27 am


Rheem Manufacturing Company is the leading North American manufacturer of heating, cooling, water heating and commercial refrigeration solutions. It is also the industry pioneer and pacesetter in the development of innovative products that have revolutionized the manner in which contractors work. Among the products on Rheem’s manufacturing line are air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, furnaces and many more appliances. Through research and customer feedback consideration, Rheem has redesigned their cooling platform that has a host of modern features that benefits homeowners and contractors.


Rheem’s new cooling platform consists of three models which are:


This series consist of 13, 14 and 16 – SEER air conditioner models, 14 and 15 – SEER heat pump models and advanced single – stage scroll compressors.


In this series, there are 17 – SEER two stage air conditioners and 17 – SEER inverter – driven heat pumps.


This series has up to 20 – SEER air conditioner and heat pumps in addition to 13 – HSPF heat pumps. This series also has fully variable scroll compressors.


The redesigned cooling platform was engineered using the 360 plus one philosophy which involves a thorough evaluation of the product from top to bottom, inside out and everything in between. This development process was successful because Rheem integrated the feedback received from customers to design a product that promises:

  • 360° Performance
  • 360° Installability
  • 360° Serviceability
  • 360° Integration


The new Rheem line of air conditioners and heat pumps promise better performance and excellent end consumer experience. This is a significant shift for the better compared to the experience they had with the conventional models.

To the Rheem contractors, these new appliances are easier to install and service an aspect that helps them to offer quality and timely workmanship.



The redesigned heat pumps and air conditioners give homeowners 360 degree serviceability in:

Energy efficiency – The cooling efficiency of the redesigned platform measures up to 20 SEER. This efficiency exceeds the federal requirement by a whopping 54 percent. The heating efficiency on the other hand measures up to 13 – HSPF which is 58 percent higher than that of the standard systems.

Inverter driven technology

– The new ac systems and heat pumps can meet heating demands of up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling demands from as low as 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Composite base pan

– This adds durability and helps to eliminate corrosion in the ac and heat pump units. They also provide a quieter operation with 35 percent fewer fasteners than previous appliances.

Optimized fan orifice

– This feature of the 360 performance improves efficiency and reduces sound characteristics.

Scroll compressor technology

– This feature maximizes performance and enhances reliability of the units.

Aluminum evaporator coils

– The air conditioner and heat pump systems are fitted with efficient aluminum evaporator coils that provide durability and reliability to the new design compared to previous models which operated on conventional coils. The HVAC industry is currently moving over to the all aluminum coils and Rheem is currently leading the charge.

Modern Aesthetics

– With soft corners and paracoat finishing, the new appliances have a great look and feel.


The installation of the redesigned Rheem cooling line appliances makes it easier and faster for contractors to install the units. Some of the features that enhance the installability of the units are:

Expanded valve space – With 3, 4 and 5 inch wide service valves, the new Rheem products lead the industry as far as workroom is concerned. In total, the expanded valve space gives contractors about 27 square inch of work area which gives contactors easier Schrader access, gauge hookup and brazing among others.

Composite base pan – The base pan has recessed sections which make handling easy. It also comes with screw trays which hold loose fasteners and Schrader caps. The molded in receptacle holds heat pump raisers that are responsible for lifting the unit above snowlines in colder climates.

15 inch control box

– This is the industries widest and opens by removing two fasteners. Making the control box easily accessible during installations, helps the Rheem contractors to effortlessly hookup the high voltage electrical width and the 24 electrical volt control wiring.


This aspect of the redesigned platform offers real world features to the contractors that help them to speed up service calls. Through the service friendly design of the units, contractors can easily access the external gauge ports which make hooking up gauges and servicing fast and simple. The design also comes with a unique service window that allows access to low and high service pressure switches.

The heat pump TXV and reversing valves help contractors to perform diagnostics while the units are running.

Triple service access

– The redesigned cooling platform gives contractors three ways to easily access important areas of the heat pumps and air conditioners. The first point of access is the 15 inch control box which is the industry’s widest. The second point of access is the two fastener removable corner. Removing this corner helps the contactors to gain faster access to the interior of the heat pumps and ac units to look into important components such as the compressor. The third and last point of access is the quick release louvre panels. These make coil cleaning easier and faster.

Over 98 percent of the products churned out of the Rheem cooling line have single row coils which are easier to clean compared to the conventional two row coils.


The classic plus and prestige series of the Rheem’s new cooling platform are Econet compatible. Rheem Econet is the first of its kind integrated, intuitive air and water control centre that gives homeowners the capacity to manage up to 65 percent of their homes energy use from a single access point.

The advanced Rheem cooling line will definitely make a positive and immediate impact in the industry. Contractors will find these new units easy to install, easy to service and the best performance of most units in production.


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