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Neglecting ones air conditioning system affects the people of the home and no one else. One might believe their air conditioning system is working fine, however, you truly don’t know. You may believe that it is too expensive to have yearly maintenance checks on your air condition system; however, in the long run it is cheaper. You’re wondering how it’s cheaper well because you are not an air condition technician and you don’t realize there is a problem, the problem just becomes worse until your air conditioning system breaks. Once the system breaks you call a company to get it fixed and the technician says it can’t be fixed it needs to be replaced. This is now going to be more expensive than the yearly AC maintenance, which could have discovered this problem and fixed it.

  • Effectiveness: If you’re not having yearly maintenance than you do not know how well your air conditioning system is working. The system is very intricate and works most effectively when it’s clean. For example there are two sets of coils within your air conditioning system and if they are dirty than the system’s ability to transfer heat decreases. This in turn causes the air condition system to use more energy and can raise the cost of the system by as much as 35%. Also the ability to cool declines as well by as much as 30%. The air condition system needs to be clean to have the most effective use.
  • Repairs Build Up: As the dirt within the air conditioning system builds up so do the repairs that are going to be needed. The dirt in the system causes it to work harder and creates more problems, which could be caught with a yearly maintenance check and cleaned out.
  • Life of the Air Conditioning System: Since there was no yearly maintenance the dirt problem was never discovered, which caused the air conditioning system to work harder. In turn the air conditions life span was decreased. It is shown that an air condition system that is serviced yearly has a longer life of up to five years.

With yearly maintenance your air conditioning system will work effectively, have less buildup of repairs and have a longer life. Also the yearly maintenance will cost less than the major repair and new air conditioning system. Most importantly it will benefit the health of the people of the home. Don’t neglect your air condition system it only affects you.

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