LG LMU480HV 48000 BTU 19.3 SEER Ductless Mini Split System

Condenser Model Number: LMU480HV
Air Handler Model Number: LSN180HSV4
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With LG’s new Multi F Max Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump System, flexibility is the name of the game, so to speak. The LG LMU480HV outdoor compressor is compatible with many LG indoor unit styles and capacities. With the ability to connect and operate up to 8 interior units, either independently or all at once, you get all of the advantages of central air, typically without any duct work. However, units such as the vertical air handler (must be ducted) or the concealed ceiling units (can be ducted) give you the ability to cool more areas with a single unit. When the LMU480HV is installed with non-ducted indoor units only, it is Energy Star Rated. This innovative system is perfect for offices, retail establishments, new homes, additions, or retrofitting older homes.

The LMU480HV has a rated cooling capacity of 48,000 BTUs. It can be connected to almost any combination of indoor units up to 8. The maximum connected capacity is 65,000 BTUs. The unit must be connected to a minimum of 2 units with a combined minimum BTU rating of 21,000 BTUs.

The Multi F Max units also feature expanded heating capabilities for outside temperatures down to -4°F and up to 64°F. For most of the United States, a system such as the LMU480HV can be used as the primary heat supply for your space. Additionally, in the cooling mode, the capabilities range from 14°F – 118°F.

As you can see in the illustration, this system does require some additional installation items. This installation, as shown, would require one outdoor unit (LMU480HV), a Y connector/branch, two Branch Distribution Boxes and the indoor units. The indoor units shown include two ceiling cassettes, two concealed ceiling low static units, two standard wall units, and two mirrored art cool units. Although neither the Art Cool Gallery Unit, high static concealed ceiling unit, nor the Vertical Air Handler Unit are pictured, they are compatible. Each indoor unit has its own temperature control, allowing each room to be individually controlled at different temperatures. The Y Branch splits the initial line, each line connects to a Branch Distribution Box and then each indoor unit is connected via its own line to a Branch Box. Line sets and communication wire (sold separately) connect to each indoor unit.

Four branch distribution boxes are available to customize your installation. Each branch distribution unit is specific to the number of indoor units you will be using. There is a 2 unit (PMBD3620), offering two 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 48,000 BTU capacity. The 3 unit (PMBD3630), offers three 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 72,000 BTU capacity. And there are two options of 4 port units. The PMBD3640 offers four 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 73,000 BTU capacity and the PMBD3641 offers four ports including three standard ports and one 36,000 BTU port for a maximum of 73,000 BTU capacity. Depending on how many indoor units you will be installing, the correct size distribution unit needs to be installed. However, you do not need to use all the ports available at the time of your initial installation. If you think you will be adding additional indoor units in the future, you can “cap off” the unused ports on the branch distribution units until that later time.



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