First of all, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing service that I received from every AC specialist I encountered. I had an old unit with dirty coils in the house I just bought. I was hoping to just clean the coils but ended up changing the whole unit.
My first wow moment was when the guys showed up on the short noticed on Saturday (during the busy summer season). I couldn’t get anyone to come over to do the job on the short notice, this was the only company.

I must note, it took them longer than an hour to show up (they initially indicated it would be within an hour, but I was happy they showed up at all on such a short notice. Plus, I think it is a nature of the business, that they can’t always predict how long the job is going to take. So allow some margin for error on their timing.

Second wow moment was, when the AC technician, Giovanni Fernandez, took the ownership of getting me the new unit. I felt like he really cared for me getting the best results for my money. He called me more than a few times to follow on the solution as we were figuring it out (usually the stuff I’d be doing), always giving me options and providing recommendation. His responsiveness on the phone was exceptional!!! Truly amazing: outside of normal working hours, quick, courteous, with always great attitude. Just wanted to say huge thanks for that!

Finally, the install team came in later in the afternoon today (Denis Montenegro was the lead) to install the new unit, they were diligent with the process. I was pleased that they cleaned and painted the closet and the ducts where the handler was. I felt that was an extra touch. They stayed late to finish the job and were courteous, professional, polite with great attitude.

I just wanted say huge thanks for taking care of me. As a single female it is so nice to know that you can trust the technical work (not always the case), get a good deal and feel like you are truly taken care of. Thank you Giovanni and Dennis!! Great company!


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