Actually I had two maintenance checks. I made the appointment for a time that was convenient for me 4 days out. The tech arrived and was very nice and personable and on time. He did the maintenance check but he wasn’t crazy about going up on the roof of my townhouse to see the unit up there. He was able to complete the maintenance check without doing so. I understand now what he did. However, I did not feel as if I got what I had paid for so I wrote to the customer service department. Within two hours I had a direct call back from Sean in that department. He listened to me and said that he was trying to make sure that I had been serviced by a first-rate, world class company, and furthermore he was going to do everything within his power to make sure that I was completely happy. Well, in this day and age , that is a huge promise. He rescheduled another appointment at my convenience (which was on a Sunday) at no cost, of course, and sent another tech out. This tech was really super and he wanted to do the entire thing over again. He checked out my entire system the exact way I wanted him to. He took his time, listened to my concerns about the first trip out, and really did great. Sean and I followed up with each other, and he asked that since I was so pleased, would I write a review of the company.

I am pleased to do so. Why? Because of the incredible customer service that Sean showed me. I feel like I was listened to and respected. Of course, ultimately I am pleased with their product, but I haven’t had that kind of customer service in years…and years. I will continue to deal with this company in the future and will recommend them to my friends and family.


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