Jim D.

“Hi, I’m *** ***** of Pompano Beach. About two weeks ago, our air conditioner went on the fritz. I pulled these guys up on the Craigslist. To be honest, they were my third call; Cool Air answered their phone by the second ring. The one of the three did not answer and the other guy said he could not get to me no sooner than 8 days. So right of the bat, we’re off to a good start with the phone / office management. Okay, so Anthony comes out, he patiently listens to my problems and then he conducts his inspection and runs the diagnostics. And boom, in less than 10 minutes, he’s found the issue, a faulty capacitor. He went over costs and what was involved in replacing. He mentioned that motor have become over heated during the time it was running with the bad capacitor and that it may have burned some bearings. After he installed the capacitor and completed the other minor servicing, he monitored the unit and his work for about 30 minutes. No problems, the house is cool again and life is great. Two weeks later, I noticed the fan wasn’t turning and the house is hot again and the wife is agitated because of it. I called Cool Air again and right away the phone was answered before 8:00am. They were able to send a service technician later that day. When Omer arrived, he was cautious and professional as my little French bulldog took a nip at the back of his trousers. I’m so grateful he didn’t sue me over that. Okay back to the non-functioning air conditioner unit. Omer inspected the unit and reported that the fan motor was kaput. As previously stated, there was a suspension that there might have been some damage to the motor, so Omer’s proclamation. The company graciously deducted the previous service call bill from the replacement of a new fan motor. Omer had the new unit installed in less than 2 hours, no small feat considering the location of the outside unit.
Bottom line: I don’t deal with a/c companies that often, but we all cope with service products and companies daily. Like other a/c companies, I assume, you have to know what you’re doing when opening up electrical panels and dealing with compressed refrigerants. These guys are professionally dressed and their vans are newer, they didn’t show up in a Fred Sanford truck. I’m telling you Cool Air employees are the type of people you would want on your property. They call before the scheduled arrival to confirm and after service to follow up. The technicians carry smart pads so everything is photographed and documented then along with detailed, easy to understand receipt; it’s all emailed to you. Based on my experience with Cool air, I would highly recommend.”

Jim D.,

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